2023 South Island Remembrance Rally

Where: Kaikoura Top 10 Holiday Park, 34 Beach Road, Kaikoura

When: 1pm, Saturday 23rd September 2023

We have the use of the conference facilities.  

Refreshments and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided after the reading of names.  An ‘After Match Function’ for recovery and rehydration will be held after dinner.  Members are asked to BYO a plate and whatever type of plonk tickles ya fancy, to put the world to rights whilst striving as best we can to get back to core values by behaving disgracefully.  Those whose names were read out would expect nothing less. 

Ride badges are $20 and must be paid for online.  Email Debbie at and she’ll take your order.  Online payment to:  Westpac 03-1594-0041946-00.  Please include your name and Rembadge in reference fields.

Punters are urged to book accommodation, tent sites etc. at the Top 10 sooner rather than later.  For bookings: 03 319 5362, or and use Ulysses as the reference.

2023 South Island Remembrance Rally

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